1. Roll

      Builder of


      Good life
      in urban
      and rural

      Live in
      the moment

      Leading the
      new life
      in cities

      Pioneer of
      green construction

      Win the future
      of cities together

      Businesses and Services

      Real Estate

      A real estate flagship brand of Zhongnan Group
      Live in the moment

      Zoina Land is a real estate flagship brand of Zhongnan Group. Relying on the advantages of the parent company in multi-industry chain integration, Zoina Land has created five business formats, namely boutique residence, commercial property, characteristic town, health preservation of tourism and industrial park.
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      Pioneer of green construction
      Integrated service provider of green construction

      Zhongnan Construction is a wholly-owned core subsidiary of Zhongnan Construction Group (000961.SZ). It is a large comprehensive listed company in Jiangsu Province with a registered capital of RMB8 billion. It is the only private enterprise among the first three enterprises that were issued the super first-grade qualification by the Ministry of Construction in March 2012, and has been approved by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation as an enterprise for overseas project contracting and export of labor services.
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      Construction Investment

      Deep ploughing and intensive cultivation
      Layout in markets across the country

      Zhongnan Construction Investment is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhongnan Construction Group. Integrating advantageous resources of Zhongnan Group in the entire industry chain, and taking urban renewal and investment in construction business as the development direction and basic profit-making means, Zhongnan Construction Investment is a professional and comprehensive investment platform actively participating in and leading the new urbanization and infrastructure and public utilities construction on behalf of Zhongnan.
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      Civil Engineering

      Underground vanguard and pathbreaker
      Building thoroughfares for cities

      Zhongnan Civil Engineering, with a full name of Beijing Urban Construction Zhongnan Civil Engineering Group Co., Ltd., was formerly an infrastructure construction enterprise established by officers and soldiers of a certain unit after their transfer to civil work in 1983. The company was restructured in 2006, completed shareholding reform and established the group company in 2010, set up the investment and financing sector in 2014, and established the overseas company in 2016. At present, the company has a total asset of more than RMB10 billion, with more than 2,000 employees, more than 30 subsidiaries and branches, 12 sets of large shield machines and more than 500 sets of other equipment. It is a technology-intensive national first-class construction enterprise integrating functions of scientific research, design and construction.
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      Discover the beauty of urban life
      Rejuvenate the urban ecology and make a better life

      Established in 2009, Jiangsu Zhongnan Garden Engineering Co., Ltd. has Grade 2 qualification for landscaping, Class B qualification for landscape engineering design, and Grade 3 qualification for general contracting of municipal public works construction, with an annual construction area of approximately 3.38 million square meters. The company also has more than 1,600 mu of fine nursery facilities, having more than 180 species of trees and shrubs with complete specifications and qualities. In addition, it has a number of sophisticated production lines for PC landscape pieces, having successfully developed various specifications of limitation rock paving materials, flowerpots, sculptures and columns for project practice in various places.
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      Super platform
      Contributing to the rise of emerging entities

      Founded in 2014, Zhongnan Hi-tech is committed to building a high-tech industrial park, which is an important sector of the strategic upgrade of Zhongnan Group. Based on the construction of park carriers and the investment in entities, the company has established three operational carriers of industrial town, industrial park and industrial complex as well as integrated and introduced three core competences of industry investment promotion, park operation and entity investment by combining the advantages of the Group in the entire industry chain, and has reached a deep strategic cooperation with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Machinery Industry Information Research Institute and Oriental Think Tank, having become a super platform integrating multiple resources of industry-university-institute, industry chain, capital, operation and incubator to provide a new driving force for the revitalization of the real economy in the country and a full guard to Chinese innovation.
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      Financial services provider specializing in real estate and construction

      Founded in early 2016, Zhongnan Finance is a financial investment platform created for the implementation of the “Industry, Capital and Assets” three-wheel driven development strategy of the parent company, Zhongnan Group.
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      Following the trend of intelligent manufacturing, writing the new chapter of transformation and upgrading

      Zhongnan Capital is an investment platform of Zhongnan Group (having the listed company, Zhongnan Construction Group, stock code SZ000961). Today’s Zhongnan Group ranks the 118th among the top 500 Chinese companies, the 19th among the top 500 private companies in China, the 17th among Chinese real estate companies and the 8th among the top 500 Chinese construction companies.
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      The winning era
      Actively developing new energy

      Zhongnan Industrial Division was established in January 2011 by Zhongnan Group based on the National strategy of “Rejuvenation through Manufacturing” and the development plan of “Made in China 2025”. Through the establishment of the Industrial Division, Zhongnan Group will achieve the transformation and upgrade of the industrial structure and foster new economic growth points for the Group.
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      Keeping a foothold in education
      Creating a featured card for international exchange

      Affiliated to Zhongnan Holding Group, a Fortune 500 company, and headquartered in Haimen City, Jiangsu Province, Zhongnan Education Group adheres to the philosophy of “preaching, imparting knowledge and starting the future”, upholds the educational characteristics of “advanced educational philosophy, rich cultural atmosphere, rich cultural heritage and first-class education quality”, and closely follows the national education development direction, assuming the responsibility of promoting the country’s entry into great powers with human resources and talents, transporting outstanding talents for the country and promoting the healthy development of contemporary education.
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